In Agdal, Rediscovering Creature Comforts

Wednesday, March 25, 2009 | Ar-Ribat, Morocco

Furnishing our new living room required several trip into the depths of Rabat's 'Akkari furniture market.
Surprisingly, all proceeded according to our plan during our last morning in Fes. Frigid cold—check. Last loaf of warm bread from the baker's next door—check. Clothes, books, kitchen supplies, and other gear bagged and heaped beside the door—check.

At 7:30, right on time, our caretaker Jawwad knocked at the door. Our carrosa was here, waiting at the end of our alleyway. The push-cart's operator helped us lug the bags to the cart and cinch them on precariously. The wheels looked like they were about to buckle under the weight, but he and Jawwad, huffing and puffing together, managed to set the cart in motion. Bent double under the weight of our backpacks, Jacqueline and I followed the cart out Derb er-Roum to Tala'a Sghira, up the long hill, and toward the medina's edge.

The driver we had arranged to drive us from Fes to Rabat arrived a few moments later in his dented