Best Photos from Morocco: Introduction

Monday, January 18, 2010 | Morocco

Dessert at Fes et Gestes salon de thé: sliced oranges with a hint of cinnamon.
After promising to share the best photographs Jacqueline and I took during our 15 months in Morocco, I sat down to actually select my favorites, and discovered that I had about 6,000 photos to sift through. (These were the ones we had deemed worth keeping, of the 8,000+ that we originally snapped... not including our side trips to Europe.)

I sought out the technically stronger photos, the aesthetically pleasing ones, and those that seemed to convey a sense of the place—after all, such is what distinguishes "travel photography" from plain old "photography". After hours of brooding over my selection, I managed to narrow down the list to 75 photos that I consider to be the best from our time in Morocco.

Update: All four collections are now posted. I'll leave it to you to decide whether I followed my own advice on travel photography. See Urban Scenes, Rural Scenes, Animals, and People.

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