Best Photos from Morocco: People

Wednesday, January 20, 2010 | Morocco

A student checks his sideburns in his room at the Medersa es-Sahrij, a religious school in Fes.
The best and most iconic travel photographs almost always capture humanity in a striking way. That's because people—and the interactions we have with each other—are the most interesting aspect of travel.

Capturing people, their emotions, and their stories through photography is no small feat. And unfortunately, it's not my strong suit. Perhaps after too many awkward incidents in the Middle East (a region where shutter-happy Western tourists are frequently viewed with suspicion, if not downright animosity) I now hesitate to shamelessly approach people and ask to snap their picture. It's something I'm working on, and in the meantime, I'm perfecting the art of shooting indiscreetly from the hip.

Here's some of our best people shots from Morocco:


Andrew G. Farrand said...

For these and the many other shots of people I've taken in my travels, I should thank my friend Mahmud, who has berated me for years to "stop taking pictures of landscapes, moron." :)

Joey said...

Nice pics. thanks for the post.

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