The Moment You've Been Waiting For: Ethiopia Photos

Tuesday, February 23, 2010 | Ethiopia

A men-only morning prayer service in Lalibela (easily my best photo from Ethiopia, in my opinion)
Pictures are finally here! (and a few videos too!)

Now that Jacqueline and I are back home in the Land of Internet, I've been able to sort through and upload photos for all my previous entries on our Ethiopia trip.

Especially for those readers without a mental image of what Ethiopia looks like, the pictures can add some valuable context to each story—check them out from the beginning and proceed in sequence, or view entries individually:
  1. First Days in Addis: Dealing with Diplomats
  2. Page Loading... Page Loading...
  3. The Long Road Northward Begins
  4. Bahir Dar: The Riviera of Ethiopia
  5. Awuramba: An Experiment in Village Life
  6. An Ill-Fated Walk in the Simien Mountains, Part I
  7. An Ill-Fated Walk in the Simien Mountains, Part II
  8. An Ill-Fated Walk in the Simien Mountains, Part III
  9. Decisions, Decisions
  10. Lalibela: Sacred Spaces from Another World
  11. A Great East African Odyssey, Abbreviated
  12. Mulling It Over or: I Lost My Passport in Kombolcha
Finally, soon I'll be posting a few short, theme-specific entries with other notes and observations from our time in Ethiopia.

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