Photography Poll Results: The People Have Spoken

Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Anthill Lookout
The polls have closed, and the votes, comments, and emails of nearly 50 readers have been tallied. Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to consider the photographs and share your opinions! This process has helped me see these images in new and very different ways.

Now, the envelope please... [cue drumroll]

Photo number 1, "The Anthill Lookout" from northern Uganda is the clear favorite, with "Boy at the medersa pool" not far behind, followed closely by "Hammocks in a blue wood".

Others had a strong following. "Children reflected", "Prayers from above", "Green-robed worshiper", and "Little biker with blast walls" all received quite a few nods. Unfortunately the entries aren't free, so I can't very well submit them all, and have had to make some tough choices.

Later today I'll be sending in three submissions. First, in the hope that my readers' collective opinions have helped to identify the best contender, I'll submit "The anthill lookout." I was also very swayed by the arguments which commenters made in favor of "Boy at the medersa pool" and feel that it has a special, voyeuristic quality which may appeal to the contest's judges. Finally, as the artist, I'm going to submit the one which my gut points to, which is "Prayers from above".

(Given how little I'm likely to travel over the coming 12 months, I may not have any new material to submit for next year's contest, so the runners up from this straw poll could get another shot next year.)

I should find out around October 31 if either of these three entries have won anything. I'll be sure to keep you posted! Many thanks, once again, to everyone who helped me choose.

Update: National Geographic has announced the contest results.


Andrew said...

You can vote for one of my photos in the People's Choice contest here:

Micah said...

Hi Andrew, and thanks for maintaining this great blog! As a fellow ex-D.C. suburbanite and committed traveler (11 years more or less "on the road"), your posts summon that varying blend of envy, nostalgia and admiration that engaging travel writing always does for me. Keep it up, best of luck in the "new economy" there and give a ping if you find yourself in the Czech Republic anytime soon!

Andrew said...

Thanks so much, Micah! Very glad to hear you enjoy the labor of love that is this blog. I will definitely let you know if I'm ever in Prague down the road!
Cheers, Andrew

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