Rolleicord Photos: Visions of Rome

Monday, May 12, 2014 | Rome, Italy

Rome overflowed with a rag-tag richesse unlike anywhere I had visited.
You can do a lot worse than a long weekend in Rome. That was what I learned back in March when I finally made my first trip to Italy. (See my previous entry "Roma!" for details.)

Though I had to wait (impatiently, of course) until last week to develop my film and see how my Rolleicord photos turned out, I was pretty confident that there would be some solid ones, given how rich Rome's textures are. From the cobblestones to the sidewalk cafés to smartly dressed locals to the omnipresent gelaterias, there's hardly an inch of the city center that isn't dripping with Old World charm, and oozing casual sophistication.

Not that I minded seeing Italy live up to its stereotypes: on the contrary, it made for easy picture-taking and even better eating! Enjoy a few of my favorite shots below:

The morning after at the market square.
The lady friend does Rome.
Baby car!
Piazzas, often centered around fountains or pilfered Egyptian obelisks, are ubiquitous.
At dawn, I found the Trevi Fountain deserted, the usual throngs of tourists not yet awake.
All hail Caesar.
Marco and Matt: the Aussie drone masters.
Yours truly on the other side of the camera, in Piazza del Popolo.
Rome's visually captivating streets make it an ideal city to explore on foot.
Too cool for school.
Buskers jam away in Piazza del Popolo.
Scooters, including the iconic Vespa, were all around.
"I couldn't possibly eat a single thing more but... oh why not, let's just take a look."
For more photos, see the full album here.

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