Algiers Photos Featured in L'Eclectique

Monday, April 27, 2015 | Algiers, Algeria

Une touche de couleur à Alger centre
L'Eclectique Magazine, an online magazine of culture and arts "from Tangier to Baku", has just published a series of my Rolleicord photos of Algiers accompanied by a brief French text on how I came to live here and what the experience is like. It is my honor and pleasure to share the text and photos here, accompanied by a rough English translation. Enjoy:

Taghit: Photos from the Algerian Sahara

Sunday, April 12, 2015 | Taghit, Algeria

A Portuguese Touareg: Jorge disguised in a chèche, the blue scarves favored in the Sahara.
Last month's trip to Taghit, a striking Saharan oasis in western Algeria, was a highlight of my experience here so far. (If you haven't yet, read my write-up of the weekend: "Two Days in the Dunes: The Oasis of Taghit".)

I passed a good portion of the trip snapping shots on my Rolleicord, assuring my travel companions that one day they would indeed get to see the resulting photos. After several weeks of waiting impatiently—and nobody more impatiently than me—that day has arrived. This weekend I was finally able to escape to a city with full-service photo labs to develop these and many other photos.

Enjoy this selection of shots from Taghit and its captivating surroundings: