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Wednesday, March 8, 2017 | Odeceixe, Portugal

Above the beach at Odeceixe, Maggie performs her favorite vacation pastime: coming right after me to stand in the same spot and take the same picture. (Lucky for me she doesn't have the same camera.)
It wouldn't be fair to Algeria to say that one of the prime advantages of living here is the proximity to Europe, but as an American in Algiers it's hard not to enjoy being a two-hour flight away from every major destination on the continent.

One weekend last summer, Nina and I took advantage of that fact by hopping up to Portugal to rendez-vous with my sister Maggie, who was passing through on a work trip.

After connecting in Lisbon, we drove south to the tiny beach town of Odeceixe, which was little more than a dozen homes and a restaurant clustered on a steep bluff over the Atlantic. Steady rollers drove endlessly toward the beach, and we spent most of our days there flailing in the froth, trying to catch waves amid encouragement from some local surf instructors. That and eating amazing fish dinners at the town's restaurant. (Sorry, I was too busy to get pictures of either!)

Odeceixe was a beautiful little corner of a country I have grown to love over the years, but we never would have found it without help from our Portuguese friends. Nina and I have met quite a few generous Portuguese expats here in Algiers these past years, and they gladly put their heads together and proposed a detailed menu of recommendations to help us plan our trip. (A huge "thank you" and "muitos obrigados" to Diogo, Tânia, Filipe, João, and all the others!)

We rounded out the trip back in ever-picturesque Lisbon, where I discovered a new favorite hotel in the hillside Alfama district (Solar dos Mouros) and tried to eat the city's entire stock of cheese and pastries.

Enjoy a few photos from our trip:

Pro tip: Learning to ask for the bar da praia will significantly improve your next Portuguese beach trip.
Family fun on the Praia Odeceixe.
Keeping it zen.
Exploring the cliffs.
Back in Lisbon, iconic yellow trolleys ply the hillsides.
The Portuguese capital is rich in local colors and textures.
Portugal is the perfect mix of quirky and cool, crooked and classy.
See my full album of Rolleicord photos from the trip here.

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Rayane said...

Now all the Algerian community is going to think that you are only living here because of the proximity to Europe shouldn't have said it ��...just kidding��...and thumbs up to your sister for taking your spot (girl power ��) she's adorable god bless her ��.
So far enjoying every word of the blog ��

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