Young Algerians, Tell Us Your Stories! A Video from WikiStage Algiers

Wednesday, August 30, 2017 | Algiers, Algeria

Video of my presentation on the importance of storytelling at WikiStage Algiers 2016. Translated subtitle translation available for those who don't speak French. (Click here to watch on YouTube.)
Say what you will about Algerians, but they sure aren't boring. All over the world, everyone has a story to tell, but that seems especially true of Algerians—and all the more so given how isolated the country is, and how few chances Algerians have to share their stories with the wider world.

Back in December I delivered a talk at a TEDx-style event here called WikiStage Algiers, organized by a prominent local university club and attended by several thousand local students and youth. (If you missed it, be sure to read my previous article on that experience: "WikiStage Algiers: Young Algerians Tell Their Stories")

This week the organizers published the above video of my talk. (I spoke in French, guessing that would be the best way to connect with my audience, but for non-French-speakers YouTube offers translated subtitles in the video settings menu.)

In my talk, I discussed the importance of storytelling and urged Algerian youth to share more stories in whatever form they prefer. I closed by inviting young people in the audience (or even their friends or others) to send me short stories, promising to select a series for publication here on my blog. I published those earlier this year, but want to let everyone know: My offer remains open. I'm collecting a new round of stories and will publish a second series as soon as I receive enough submissions. Similarly, I encourage any aspiring young Algerian filmmakers to enter the "Algeria's Best Kept Secret" film contest throughout the month of September 2017. 

Thank you again to the talented organizers of WikiStage Algiers for giving me the opportunity to share this message with young Algerians. Keep telling your stories!


Darradji said...
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Andrew G. Farrand said...

Mr. Darradji, I'm sorry to see that your strange obsession with me continues. I thought I had made it clear in our last exchange that your harassment is not welcome. Please find a new hobby.

To anyone else who may be curious, my story is easily found on the "ABOUT" page of this blog and in various other articles and sources online, and I am happy to answer specific inquires by email or messaging on social media.

Darradji said...
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Unknown said...

Hello Andrew thanks for that
I hope that you'll publish my story that I've submitted to you

omar sofiane said...

Tu es un homme bien "Andro"
"anta insane tayeb"
je suit tes nouvelles...

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