Andi Hulm - I Have A Dream

Saturday, February 8, 2020 | Algiers, Algeria

Click here to watch the promo clip for "Andi Hulm" / "I Have A Dream"
At last, the big day has finally arrived!

Tonight is the official premier of "Andi Hulm" ("عندي حلم" or "I Have A Dream"), Algeria's first entrepreneurship reality television show. I serve as the show's host, and thus have the surreal privilege of appearing in many of the show's promotional materials, sometimes sprinkled in fairy dust (see above). Who ever said all those years spent struggling through Arabic class wouldn't lead anywhere?

Across 10 episodes, the show tracks the progress of 60 young Algerian aspiring entrepreneurs as they complete a series of increasingly difficult, high-energy challenges. Along the way, jury members whittle down the group until just a few standout finalists—then one final grand prize winner—remain. As the stakes rise you will see numerous surprises, moments of ecstatic joy and profound disappointment, and much more.

With any luck, the show will earn a wide following here in Algeria and spark greater discussion about the prospects young Algerians face as they work to realize their dreams in life. That's the hope, at least, of the show's creators at the US Embassy in Algiers, along with project partners World Learning, the American Chamber of Commerce in Algeria, and Wellcom Advertising. It was also the hope that motivated me and everyone else involved to persevere through four exhausting weeks of filming last fall, and through the many months of work required before and after in order to reach this day. We hope you watch and enjoy.

"Andi Hulm" will air nationwide in Algeria tonight, February 8 at 21:30 on Ennahar TV, and at the same time every Saturday thereafter for 10 weeks (with reruns each Tuesday at 3pm). For viewers outside the country, stay tuned here to watch online each week. (The show is primarily in Algerian Arabic but the online videos will include English subtitles.)

For more background, see "Andrew Here, Announcing "Andi Hulm'" and "New Reality TV Show Will Support Up-and-Coming Entrepreneurs in Algeria", Arab Studies Certificate Alum Hosts Algerian TV Show, or watch the show's trailer here:

UPDATE: Full episodes with English subtitles are now below, and available in this YouTube playlist. Enjoy!

Episode 1 (Holiday Inn) is now available here:

Episode 2 (Holiday Inn) is now available here:

Episode 3 (Holiday Inn) is now available here:

Episode 4 (PMG) is now available here:

Episode 5 (Pizza Hut) is now available here:

Episode 6 (Eli Lilly) is now available here:

Episode 7 (PPG) is now available here:

Episode 8 (Berlitz) is now available here:

Episode 9 (YAssir) is now available here:

Episode 10 (Cisco / Holiday Inn), the Grand Finale, is now available here:

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