Announcing "The Algerian Dream": Signed Books Now Available for Pre-Order

Sunday, November 22, 2020

As regular readers of this blog already know, I have spent most of 2020 writing a book about my years in Algeria, entitled The Algerian Dream. With my manuscript nearly complete, today it's time to share some more details with the world.

I am proud to present the above video, in which I offer a brief overview of the book, and to announce that signed copies are now available for pre-order via this crowdfunding campaign (the proceeds from which will help cover the substantial up-front costs of publication). The book will publish and ship in Summer 2021.

If you have enjoyed reading my dispatches from Algeria over the past seven years, you will find lots to love in this book, which in many ways is a culmination of my Algeria experience. In it I present the most important things I've learned from and about this fascinating country and its people. From the start, I knew I wanted to center the book around the inspiring young Algerians I've met; that's why I'm pitching it as "A book about youth and the quest for dignity in one of the world's most unusual countries."

In the long run, I sincerely hope that these young Algerians will be able to tell their own story for themselves. For now, I'm sharing what I've learned in hopes that it can help more people discover Algeria and the young generations who are reshaping its future.

Visit the pre-sale campaign here to learn more about the book. Please consider supporting the campaign before it ends on December 21, 2020 by pre-ordering today. Shipping is available worldwide, including for free within the European Union. Please also help me spread the word by sharing this campaign with others who may be interested. Thank you!

Update: The pre-sale campaign was a great success, thanks to the generous support of over 150 backers across 21 countries on six continents! If you would still like to pre-order, please visit this page. And stay tuned here for more details ahead of the book's worldwide public release in Summer 2021!

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