My Travels

After a childhood of family road trips to cabins and campgrounds along America's east coast, in 2000 I took my first trip abroad, through a high school exchange to France. Although that formative experience pre-dates this blog, since then I have continued to travel as much as possible. I have been fortunate to explore fascinating places and meet many curious fellow travelers and wonderful people of all sorts.
  • HOME: I grew up in Baltimore city, on the east coast of the USA. After roughly a decade studying and living in Washington, DC, the District feels like my second home back in the States. That said, after so much time on the move, home becomes harder (and less necessary) to pin down.
  • STUDY ABROAD: After summer exchanges in France during high school, in college I spent six months studying Arabic in Damascus, Syria and Amman, Jordan, and studied Swahili and ecology for a summer in Tanzania.
  • GUEST POSTS: Some generous fellow travelers have also kindly shared their stories here, chief among them my friend Gavin during the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.
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