Itinerary: Ten Days of Moroccan Sights and Tastes

Wednesday, December 31, 2008 | Morocco

Group shot at Madrasa Bou 'Inania in Fes.
Jacqueline and I developed an ambitious plan for my mom and sister's ten-day Morocco visit. Such a packed itinerary was bound to hit some bumps in the road, as this one did. While we were lucky to enjoy unseasonably sunny weather in Fes, Maggie drank some bad orange juice in Marrakech that put her out of commission for several days.

All things told, the trip was a great success. Our itinerary—as it truly occurred—is posted below for the benefit of anyone else planning a trip to Morocco, or just curious to know where we visited, dined, and relaxed during this vacation.

Saturday, December 20: Casablanca
  • 2:55pm: Monica and Maggie arrive at Casablanca's Mohamed V airport, are greeted by Jacqueline and Andrew
  • 5:00pm–5:40pm: Train from airport to Casa Voyageurs train station
  • Taxi to Hotel Guynemer, check in
  • Dinner at La Bodega
Sunday, December 21: Casablanca / Fes
  • Breakfast at Hotel Guynemer
  • 9:00am: Hassan II Mosque guided tour
  • 11:15-3:10pm: Train from Casablanca to Fes
  • Taxi to Bab Boujloud
  • Check in at Riad Hala
  • 7:30pm: Drinks followed by dinner at Dar Roumana
Monday, December 22: Fes
Tuesday, December 23: Fes / Ifrane
  • Breakfast at Riad Hala
  • Day trip to Ifrane (via grand taxi)
  • Dinner at Dar Seffarine
Wednesday, December 24: Fes
Thursday, December 25: Fes / Marrakech
  • 6:50am-2:05pm: Train from Fes to Marrakech (Breakfast and lunch on train)
  • Taxi to Bab Taghzoute
  • Check in at Riad Beldi
  • Walk through medina to Jemaa el Fna, Koutoubia Mosque
  • 8pm: Christmas dinner at Le Tobsil
Friday, December 26: Marrakech
  • Breakfast at Riad Beldi
  • Exploring, shopping in the northern medina
  • Lunch at Café des Epices
  • Dinner at Riad Beldi
Saturday, December 27: Marrakech
  • Breakfast at Riad Beldi
  • Move to Dar Zayan
  • Lunch at Bougainvillea Café
  • Sightseeing in the southern medina: Bahia Palace
  • Shopping at Warda La Mouche, other boutiques along Rue des Zeitoun Jedid
  • Shopping in Souq Semmarine
  • Dinner at Café Arabe
Sunday, December 28: Marrakech / Casablanca
  • Breakfast at Dar Zayan
  • Sightseeing in northern medina: Madrasa Ben Youssef, Musée de Marrakech
  • Shopping in Souq Semmarine
  • Henna tattooing in Djemaa al-Fna
  • Horse-drawn calèche ride to Le Jardin Majorelle
  • Lunch at Jardin Majorelle café
  • 3:00pm-6:10pm: Train from Marrakech to Casablanca
  • Check in: Hotel Ibis Moussafir
Monday, December 29: Casablanca
  • 8:00am-8:40am: Train from Casablanca to airport
  • 10:00am: Goodbye hugs as Mom and Maggie return to DC
Thank you, Mom and Maggie, for your visit! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. And thank you, Jacqueline, for all your help with planning and guiding the trip!


Andy White said...

Please can you tell me which Riad you enjoyed staying in the most?
And what the prices where for your stay?

Andrew Farrand said...

Hi Andy, thanks for reading. Here's more info on the riads mentioned above:
Riad Hala was small but well kept, with a lovely rooftop view, great breakfast, and nice rooms (we stayed in the suites on the uppermost floor, which were lovely). Double room at 500 dirhams per night (approx. US$60, �50 at current rates).
However, I strongly recommend that any visitors to Fes stay at either Dar Roumana ( or Dar Seffarine ( While these two riads are a little more expensive, in my opinion they offer the best all-around experience and ambience for a stay in Fes. (rates vary; see websites)
The two riads where we stayed in Marrakech (Riad Beldi and Dar Zayan) were both charming places, and the extremely attentive, warm and friendly staff really made our time there exceptional. I recommend both very highly. They are located near Bab Taghzoute, above the Ben Youseff madrasa in the medina's northern tip, comfortably distant from the hubbub of Jemaa el Fna but well within walking distance of all the medina's sights. Double room for 550 dirhams per night (approx. US$66, �55 at current rates).
One fact visitors should note is that the above riads - and most hotels and restaurants in Morocco - only accept cash. Most will gladly take euros; some will accept US dollars or British pounds. Paying in Moroccan dirhams is also easy, as there are reliable ATMs at banks throughout all major and mid-sized cities.
Hope that's helpful!

mary-anne durkee said...

Are taxes included in the given prices? Is price per room not per person which I keep seeing?

Is Oct low season rates?

Andrew said...

The prices I noted above include taxes, and are for a 2-person room. Good luck with your planning!

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