"One Frenzied Weekend in Fes" on Matador Abroad

Tuesday, March 9, 2010 | Fès, Morocco

A cat perches on a cold, wet roof in the old city of Fes.
My post "Water, Water Everywhere, No Time to Stop and Think" has been re-published on the Matador Abroad travel site. The piece, which I consider one of my best from my time in Morocco, details the peculiar events of one very culturally enlightening weekend I spent in Fes, soon after my arrival in Fall 2008.

I sent in the piece several weeks ago in response to a call for submissions, and was happy to hear that it was published today, accompanied by several of my photos. While the editor added a new title ("One Frenzied Weekend in Fes") and shaved off my sly Casablanca reference in the last line, I'm very happy to see my writing reach a larger audience!

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Angela said...

What a wonderful blog! I'm glad I've found on the Internet Battutah's grandson ;-)
I just met Ibn Battutah in Dubai and was about to do more research on him. I'm reading now Travels with a Tangerine and will tackle his original travels afterwards. Very interesting character, indeed. I'm trying to follow him on his journey but, amazingly, he goes faster!
How's Africa? I've never been to this fascinating Continent, which country would you suggest first?

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